Influencing Conditions

Team influencing conditions support team effectiveness (the 9Cs of cooperation, conflict, coordination, communication, coaching, cognition, cohesion, collective efficacy, and collective identity).

These influencing conditions include composition, context, culture, context and diversity (Dihn & Salas, 2017). Guzzo and Dickson identified composition conditions as the “attributes, skills, abilities, experiences, and personality characteristics of team members” (as cited in Dihn & Salas, 2017, p. 25). Context is compose of physical, task, and geographically dispersed concepts and is described as being: “Situational characteristics or events that influence the occurrence and meaning of behavior, as well as the manner and degree to which various factors (e.g., team member characteristics, team behavior processes) impact team outcomes (Johns, 2006; as cited in Dihn & Salas, 2017, p. 27). Culture is described as being related to “the assumptions people hold about relationships with each other and the environment that are shared among an identifiable group of people (Gibson, Maznevski, & Kirkman, 2009; as cited in Dihn & Salas, 2017, p. 29). Culture includes concepts such as individualism -vs- collectivism, power distance, and long-, short-term orientations. Diversity relates to both demographic and psychological characteristics.


Dinh, J. V., & Salas, E. (2017). Factors that influence teamwork. In E. Salas, & R. Rico (Eds.), The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of teamwork and collaborative processes, pp. 15-41. Malden, MA: John Wiley & Sons.

The concept map presented below highlights the influencing conditions.

Turner, John (2017): Influencing Conditions External factors that influence team processes.png. figshare.

Retrieved: 16:24, Jul 01, 2017 (GMT)


Influencing Conditions External factors that influence team processes

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