Team Science Courses – Graduate Level

The University of North Texas has a Master’s degree in Learning Technologies (MS). This degree is online and can be found at the following link:

As part of this degree, there is a concentration in Team Science. This concentration offers the following four courses:

Leadership Development

Team Dynamics

Team Cognition

Evaluation and Accountability

There are two courses that are being offered next semester (Spring 2018). These courses are LTEC5800, Team Cognition, and LTEC6121 Leadership Development. All courses are offered online (online master program), but can also be offered face-to-face at our UNT-System facilities in downtown Dallas at the Universities Center at Dallas (1901 Main Street). If we have enough interest at both locations we will blend both the online and face-to-face courses into one blended course. The information brochure is attached along with contact information.

Team Science MA Cert - Flyer.pdf

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