Complex adaptive systems: Adapting and managing teams and team conflict

New Book Chapter is now available here:


Complexity comes from dramatic structural changes to organizations and governments such as globalization, global competition, workforce diversity, and continual innovations. Complex adaptive systems (CAS) are organizations that are a composite of the interconnected whole. Teams must manage and operate in emerging ecosystems, understand factors that lead to team effectiveness when managing and facilitating teams and team conflict, and understand the development of conflict models. This chapter presents adaptive leadership as one leadership style that offers organizations with the capabilities of reacting to changing environments quickly. Adaptive leadership offers a prescriptive approach for managers and leaders to follow when dealing with organizational conflict while operating in today’s complex and global environment.


John R. Turner, Rose Baker and Mark Morris (August 1st 2018). Complex Adaptive Systems: Adapting and Managing Teams and Team Conflict, Organizational Conflict Ana Alice Vilas Boas, IntechOpen, DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.72344. Available from:


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